About us

About us

Ergodomus is a structural engineering company specialising in the design of timber buildings. In fact, timber engineering has been our entire business focus since Franco Piva founded the company in 2007.


Our leadership team



Senior Timber Engineer, Director


Senior Timber Engineer,


Senior Timber Engineer,

Our location

Since then, we have engineered over 300 timber buildings of varying types and scale in different parts of the world from our base near Trento in the north of Italy. This experience has placed us amongst the leading companies in the global market for timber engineering skills.


Our connections to industry

Why the north of Italy? Our location is close to forests and mountains and, importantly, close to Austria, Southern Germany and Switzerland, the main production centres in Europe for modern engineered timber products and systems. Proximity to the major manufacturers of cross laminated timber, glulam and other solid laminate timber systems ensures we keep up-to-date with developments in manufacturing processes and technologies, new product innovation, and the research, development and testing these companies undertake.

Our academic Involvement

Much of this R&D is carried out in conjunction with the construction and engineering departments in Italian universities, including those at Trento, Bologna and Rome. Ergodomus maintains close relationships with these institutions through our contributions to their teaching and research programmes.


Our international experience

Our location is close to several major airports too - useful proximity that allows us to engage in projects across several continents. Of course, many of the early projects we worked on were situated in northern Italy, but as the world of engineered timber buildings has grown, so too has international demand for our knowledge and specialist skills. Each new project brings us ever-more complex challenges but, in doing so, they expand our experience and enhance our capacity to introduce new ideas to the timber manufacturing and construction sectors in the different countries we now work in. 

Our clients

Ergodomus provides its specialist timber engineering services to an extensive range of clients - architects, structural engineers and other construction professionals as well as construction companies, housebuilders, property developers and public bodies. We work closely with manufacturers of solid timber products and modular building manufacturers and building contractors - indeed, we enjoy collaborations and partnerships with companies and institutions representing every part often construction industry. 

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This website is designed for you. We want you to know about what we do, how we do it, where we do it and what we can do for you. There may be things we’ve forgotten, so please contact us to learn more about how we can solve your timber engineering problem. At Ergodomus, we don’t see problems, we see solutions. With us, you can do too:


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Ergodomus Timber Engineering

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Our passion for timber engineering knows no limits nor borders. Whatever and wherever your timber engineering challenges might be, we’ll bring you inspired solutions. Call us. 

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