Airtightness Testing

It is a test that allows to measure the airtightness and to discover the “air leakages” of a building. We carry out BlowerDoor tests with Minneapolis instrumentation combined with thermographic analysis and smoke generator. The test is essential to quantify the construction quality and to obtain the energy certification according to the protocols of prestigious bodies such as CasaClima and PassivHaus.

Since 2007, we have been one of the most qualified companies in the Region of Trentino Alto Adige to perform Blower Door Tests (over 500 tests carried out to date). We make use of Minneapolis equipment, combined with thermographic analysis and smoke generator, to look for air leakages along the building envelope. The test is necessary to ascertain the build quality and to obtain an energy performance certification, according to the protocols of prestigious institutions like CasaClima and PassivHaus.

We also provide consultancy for the reaching of high performances in terms of air tightness, both on timber and masonry buildings.

Why is it so important to guarantee air tightness in buildings? How is a Blower Door test performed? Which are the limit values imposed by CasaClima, PassivHaus and other local regulations? How is an air-tight building designed? In what way are thermographic cameras and smoke generators actually useful in finding leakages?

We answered these and other questions in the posts below.

Blower Door tests allow you to check the airtightness of a building

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