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Bamboo Stalactite

2018 | | Various | Venice (VE) - Italy

Expertise craftmans arrived from Vietnam have created Bamboo Stalactite, a shelter 6 meters high, 14m wide and 27m long. The installation, designed by the prestigious Vietnamese architecture firm VoTrong Nghia Architects, has been completely assembled on site using a traditional technique that involves joining the logs thanks to ropes and bamboo pins.

The pavilion has a structure composed of a series of elementary modules having a rhomboidal shape as can be seen in the pictures.

Ergodomus Timber Engineering took care of the static calculation of the pavilion to resist the forces given by the wind.

At this link you can read the entire article of the magazine “Il sole 24 ore” dedicated to the Vietnam Pavilion by VoTrong Architects.

Architect: Vo trong Nghia

Services offered by Ergodous: static calculations

Founded in 2006, VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects) is a leading architectural practice in Vietnam with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. More than 60 international architects, engineers and staff work closely on cultural, residential and commercial projects worldwide.

By experimenting with light, wind and water, and by using natural and local materials, VTN Architects employ a contemporary design vocabulary to explore new ways to create green architecture for the 21st century, whilst maintaining the essence of Asian architectural expression.

VTN Architects are in strong collaboration with Wind and Water House JSC, a construction company specializing in green buildings construction, to realize designs of high quality in Vietnam.


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