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Dining hall in Felino

2018 | CLT | Receptive structures | School buildings | Felino (Pr)

The building that serves as dining hall, has a rectangular single-storey plan – 45,5 x 28 m – with a maximum height of 4.1 m with a flat roof.

The structure is completely made of wood with perimeters and internals walls in CLT panels -5 layers- with a thickness of 120mm and 160mm respectively. Both are fixed to the foundation concrete by means of steel bracketsand plates locked with appropriate screws. The slab is made by spruce joists while some of them are combined with steel angle bars.

The roof, which is partially covered of vegetation is made combining glulam panels -200mm thick- and CLT panels -160 thick-.

The aspect that characterized the construction system adopted, lies in the box-like behavior. This behavior is in fact dictated by the stiffness characteristics of the connections between the various structural elements (horizontal and vertical) continuous on all the contact edges.
Furthermore, the entire structure is designed in order to have a fire rating of 60 minutes.


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