Engineering of timber structures

It is our main activity that includes all the aspects related to the construction of a wooden structure starting from the static calculation, the building physics evaluations up to the complete engineering.

Over the years we have created and improved the procedures (down to the smallest details) in order to optimize costs and reduce production times. We have succeeded thanks to an intensive research and development work in collaboration with some Italian universities (La Sapienza di Roma, University of Trento and Bologna) which lasted over 10 years. Our commitment on this front continues and we guarantee our customers the most suitable and most advanced solutions to their specific problems.

The transformation process of the architectural project starts with an in-depth structural analysis to study the static and dynamic behavior of the building. Then we create a 3D drawing of all the wooden elements, and finally we program the automatic CNC cutting machines.

What if the materials used are mixed? No problem, we also deal with the design of steel and reinforced concrete elements to create hybrid structures.
All these activities are carried out internally to ensure a smooth workflow and maximum respect for budget and time.

Our main services is to take care of all design phases of your timber structure.

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