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The Government of Singapore required this extension to the Singapore Management University to use as much timber as possible in its construction. The building thus has a hybrid structure of steel beams and columns and around 12,000 sq.m. of CLT floor slabs with concrete only used as a topping. 

Ergodomus was engaged by the general contractor “Lian Ho Lee” to engineer the CLT elements, the calculations for which were made according to Eurocode 5 – Singaporean annex (EN – SS). The CLT floor slabs are used to transfer the horizontal forces to the bracing system. 

The panels were manufactured off-site in Austria and shipped some 10,000km in containers before installation in Singapore. Acting within a highly precise BIM workflow, Ergodomus organised the transportation logistics, taking into account the container dimensions and the order of panel assembly: every panel was given a unique coding within a list of numbers allocated to each container in order to simplify subsequent identification. 

Lighter in weight than concrete or steel+concrete, the 2600 cu.m. of CLT stores over 4000 tons of atmospheric CO2. 

Client: Lian Ho Lee, Singapore

Services offered by Ergodous:
static calculations and DfMA drawings

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